This Random Act Of Kindness Will Remind You That There Is Warm Thing In The World


One very lucky Imgur user, Gingersnap1316, posted an image of just such a letter. She recalls opening her apartment door and receiving a blank envelope from a man she’d never seen before.

The envelope contained a letter, which explained that a beloved family member who devoted her life to random acts of kindness recently died.

The letter said that several people recommended Gingersnap1316 as a “deserving recipient” of the money. In return, the letter writer asked that the random acts of kindness continue in memoriam.

The writer’s family doesn’t want anything from this woman but to know that their cherished relative’s legacy continues.

It’s a powerful statement to give a stranger money, but even more so to bestow trust upon that person.

She said that this letter has given both herself and her mother a “reason to smile” again.

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